Episode 23: “Draft’s On Tap”
September 1, 2013
In which we discuss our fantasy football draft, comment on the Phillies’ recent moves, roll our eyes at NCAA non-news, and break down early-round US Open upsets.
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Episode 22: “Butts Up”
August 13, 2013
In which we discuss the unfortunate name of Raphael’s favorite childhood game, debate the chances that surprising teams in the MLB wild card hunt will stick around, offer our early impressions from the NFL preseason, comment on the two prominent golf athletes’ skill both on and off the field, and preview the US Open.
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Episode 21: “Talk in the Park”
August 6, 2013
In which we discuss the Biogenesis suspensions, argue about the impact of ballpark factors, praise the Manning brothers for their off-field work, look forward to Juan Martin del Potro in the US Open, and express our continued distaste for the NCAA’s hypocrisy.
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Episode 20: “Homerism”
July 29, 2013
In which we debate whether it’s fair to judge Johnny Manziel for his off-the-field behavior, argue about reasonable expectations for our favorite football teams and players, make many bets, break down MLB trade deadline moves, and recap a ridiculous week in non-sports news.
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Episode 19: “Royally Fucked”
July 22, 2013
In which we discuss at length the implications of the Ryan Braun suspension, present our midseason candidates for MLB’s year-end awards, comment on Phil Mickelson’s British Open win, speculate about Roger Federer’s racket change, offer season-to-date Fist Pumps & Punches, and disparage a Minneapolis bar.
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Episode 18: “Home Run Derby Commentary with One Participant on a Five Second Delay”
July 15, 2013
In which we offer live commentary on the 2013 Home Run Derby.
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Episode 17: “Decapitation”
July 07, 2013
In which we discuss a very unfortunate referee, go in depth on Wimbledon results and the evolution of tennis, comment on NBA offseason moves so far, and welcome back Kaiyi to opine on the misfortunes of Jeremy Lin.
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Episode 16: “Ping Pong”
July 01, 2013
In which we discuss how fucked Aaron Hernandez is, marvel at Chris Davis’s never-ending power surge, welcome a special guest to weigh in on a great ping pong debate, break down the many Wimbledon upsets, and dedicate a segment to Yasiel Puig.
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Episode 15: “Fantasy Bump”
June 24, 2013
In which we recap an amazing NBA Finals, discuss Aaron Hernandez’s troubles, present our mock MLB All-Star ballots, react to the Blackhawks winning the Stanley Cup, and examine the impact of Rafael Nadal’s early exit from Wimbledon.
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Episode 14: “Trading Party”
June 17, 2013
In which we analyze the Heat’s chances of coming from behind to win the Finals, speculate about Tim Tebow’s role on the Patriots, break down the Dodgers-Diamondbacks feud, approve of the Mets’ marketing, opine on the best way to analyze baseball performance, explain Owen and Justin’s fantasy trade, and offend our listeners.
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Episode 13: “Miami’s Vice”
June 09, 2013
In which we discuss the early stages of the NBA Finals, argue about the legitimacy of MLB’s reaction to the Biogenesis scandal, debate whether the MLB draft needs to change, suggest participants for the Home Run Derby, briefly preview the Stanley Cup playoff, recap the French Open, and praise advancements in ballpark beer.
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Episode 12: “Heat Check”
June 02, 2013
In which we rant about Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade, debate offensive remarks and controversial team names, review our baseball bets so far, ridicule more NCAA absurdity, and identify a few overrated beers.
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Episode 11: “Disc Jockeys”
May 26, 2013
In which we celebrate the birth of televised ultimate frisbee, are surprised at the results so far of the NBA conference finals, debate which young player we’d most like to build an MLB team around, rant about more incompetent umpiring, enjoy some recent controversies, exorcise some fantasy frustrations, and recommend a few unique beers.
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Episode 10: “Power Spankings”
May 18, 2013
In which we discuss the NBA conference finals, put the brakes on any LeBron-Durant comparisons, offer our rest-of-season MLB power rankings, analyze what we got right and wrong in our preseason baseball predictions, debate the role of MLB managers, briefly recap the NHL playoffs, preview the French Open, and add “Officiate the Unofficiated” to our weekly beer and fantasy segments.
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Episode 09: “Lime Time”
May 11, 2013
In which we break down the NBA playoffs thus far, continue to discuss LeBron’s legacy, examine whether or not only “super teams” can win, rant about more dumb baseball commentary and terrible umpiring, debate the holiness of Purple Jesus, argue about the merits of publicly funded stadiums, enjoy beers both hoppy and limey, and develop a new marketing campaign.
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Episode 08: “Draft’s On Tap”
April 29, 2013
In which we recap the NFL draft, laugh at the Jets’ QB situation, discuss Jason Collins and the future of gay athletes, break down the NBA playoffs so far, continue to rip MLB umpiring, use our fists, and whet your lips.
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Episode 07: “Noise, Poise, and Three Ranting Boys”
April 21, 2013
In which we discuss the Darelle Revis trade, preview the NFL draft, debate at length the effect of mental intangibles on baseball performance, wrap up the NBA season, opine on yet another NCAA scandal, look ahead to the French Open, and talk about our two favorite hobbies: beer and fantasy baseball.
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Episode 06: “Golf War”
April 14, 2013
In which we side with Zach Greinke, discuss the developments in the Biogenesis scandal, rant about our baseball frustrations, debate how good the Bulls really are, deride two ridiculous fines, break down the Masters, and share our thoughts on the controversy surrounding Native American mascots.
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Episode 05: “Umpty Dumpty”
April 06, 2013
In which we tear into Rick Reilly’s stupid criticism of Tiger Woods, discuss surprises both pleasant and disappointing from MLB’s opening week, explore changes in baseball free agency, debate the efficacy of MLB’s lawsuit against Biogenesis, lament pathetic umpiring, opine on whether Brittney Griner could make it in the NBA, blast the hypocrisy of the NCAA, and comment on veteran NFL players on the move.
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Episode 04: “Urinalysis”
March 31, 2013
In which we debate the merits of the newest video game technology, discuss some recent high-profile contract extensions, wager on MLB team over/unders, marvel at the stupidity of Dez Bryant, argue about fallout from the Heat’s loss to the Bulls, identify the most arrogant NBA player of all time, and explain what ought to be appreciated in tennis and what ought to be eliminated.
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Episode 03: “Fantasy Island”
March 24, 2013
In which we applaud Tiger Woods both on and off the field, break down two iconic NFL players moving on, offer our predictions for the upcoming MLB season, recap our fantasy baseball draft, and discuss the early stages of March Madness.
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Episode 02: “Anabolic Asterisks”
March 17, 2013
In which we break down NFL free agency, react to the U.S.’s elimination from the WBC, debate the effects of steroids on baseball, and discuss the contrasting states of men’s and women’s tennis.
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Episode 01: “Novus Sonus”

March 10, 2013
In which we introduce ourselves, review the NFL and MLB offseasons, and explore the deep connection between an athlete and his bedroom.
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Creative Commons License
Sports Symphonies by Justin Freeze, Owen McMurtrey, and Raphael Coburn is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License. This podcast is intended for a mature audience and may be inappropriate for innocent children, sensitive adults, and New York or Boston fans.


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