Monthly Archives: August 2013

Episode 21: “Talk in the Park”

Justin, Owen, and Raphael talk about the Biogenesis suspensions, the effect of park factors on baseball performance, why you ought to love the Manning brothers, more hot water for Johnny Manziel, and what Rogers Cup results might mean for the US Open. Plus, the guys give their Fist Pumps/Punches and offer up a few Beers of the Week.

Show length: 1:15


Episode 20: “Homerism”

Justin was off at the beach last weekend getting redder than Riley Cooper’s neck at a Kenny Chesney concert, so please excuse the show’s late posting this week. In this episode, the guys discuss whether we should care about Johnny Manziel’s off-field troubles, expectations for our real-life and fantasy football teams, the MLB trade deadline, and the week in ridiculous pop culture.

Show length: 1:34