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Episode 15: “Fantasy Bump”

We apologize for the delayed show this week, but audio problems and travel schedules forced us to post it later than usual. The show begins with Justin and Raphael recapping an incredible NBA finals and the outlook for the Heat and Spurs going forward. Then, we take a brief dip into the NFL to discuss Aaron Hernandez’s troubles off the field and whether the Patriots will be in trouble on the field. We next present our mock MLB All-Star ballots: Justin and Owen argue about who the most deserving starters are, while Raphael just votes for his entire fantasy team. Finally, Owen puts a bow on his Blackhawks winning the Stanley Cup and Raphael talks about the implications of Nadal’s first-round Wimbledon exist.

Show length: 1:33
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Episode 14: “Trading Party”

The show begins this week with Justin and Raphael analyzing the Heat’s loss in Game 5 of the NBA Finals and whether they have any chance at coming back to win the series. We bring Owen back in to discuss a new home for his beloved Tim Tebow and wonder if the Patriots might be football’s Moneyball team. Then it’s on to baseball, as we break down the Dodgers-Diamondbacks brawl, a novel new marketing campaign, and what matters to us when evaluating player performance. Next, Owen and Justin go in-depth on a trade they made earlier in the week, explaining why both sides felt the deal was worth the risk. Finally, Raphael offers hope for a Fed repeat at Wimbledon, and we toe the line of decency even more than usual.

Show length: 1:30
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Episode 13: “Miami’s Vice”

We open the show this week by discussing whether our predictions for the NBA Finals have changed with the Heat’s Game 1 loss to the Spurs and if Miami needs to be concerned about the Pacers’ size next season. Then, we argue at length about recent developments in the Biogenesis scandal: Owen is convinced the players are guilty, Justin wants to see MLB reigned in, and Raphael straddles the fence like a true lawyer. We turn down the heat a little bit to debate the on-field value of Yasiel Puig, the moral value of the MLB draft, ¬†and the entertainment value of the Home Run Derby. Next, Owen tells us why there’s still ice hockey in June (and why he cares), and Raphael reflects on the results of the French Open. Finally, we’re uncharacteristically positive about our fantasy teams and we praise advances in ballpark beer.

Show length: 1:44
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Episode 12: “Heat Check”

We begin the show this week with a few choice words for Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade as Justin and Raphael rant about their lack of effort and production. Then, we take an unexpected turn for the serious, debating the severity of Roy Hibbert’s postgame comments and the offensiveness of the name “Redskins”. We discuss a few injuries to star players that may hurt or help their teams, and Justin recaps the baseball bets we’ve made so far. Next, Owen educates us about the value of water, and Raphael marvels at the continuation of an incredible streak in tennis. Finally, we complain about fantasy teams and overrated beer, and look ahead to the week in sports.

Show length: 1:28
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